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Jana began her journey in jewellery making in 2012, studying an Advanced diploma in jewellery manufacture at Melbourne polytechnic. It was during this time that she discovered her true calling in life, to make beautiful pieces of wearable art. 

She excelled in her studies and won the student of the year award in her graduating year in 2014. 

Upon the completion of the course, Jana went on to do a 12 month artist residency at Northcity4, A jewellery based studio in Brunswick that nurtured emerging talent within the contemporary jewellery industry. It was during that time that she launch her first collection and her business, Jana King Jewellery.

Feeling frustrated and unable to execute the designs in her mind, King went on to obtain further hand skills by way of apprenticeship. Working long hours under a master jeweller for 4 years while also attending TAFE.

It was during this time that King truly honed her hand skills and learnt how to hand fabric every element of her unique pieces from scratch.

She now works from her CBD studio, Meeting with clients, sketching designs, sourcing  materials and hand forging each element of her designs. 

In the last 12 months, King has since completed a Certificate IV in teaching and education.  She now teaches jewellery manufacture at The centre for adult education and Melbourne polytechnic, where she herself studied. 

“I absolutely love being able to pass on the invaluable skills I have learnt to fresh and enthusiastic minds.” 

Bespoke Jewellery Designer Based in Melbourne

Jana King is a Melbourne based jewellery designer passionate about handmade, bespoke jewellery pieces that tell a unique story.

"One of my specialties is redesigning preloved pieces. Whether they are heirlooms or something that is special because it holds a special significances just to you. We can recreate the piece into something unique and modern together by up-cycling those special materials that hold a personal history"

Jana's vision is to produce high end, modern jewellery in an ethical and sustainable way. Her pieces are hand made to last a life time so when you invest in one of her bespoke pieces you are investing in a piece that can be handed to the next generation.

Her work demonstrates a responsible attitude towards the environment through the way she sources her materials and how she conducts her practice. She does this by hand making each component in her Melbourne CBD based studio. She uses 100% recycled metals and when possible locally sourced gem stones from Australian based mines, cut by Australian Lapidarists. 

As a business owner, it is imperative to Jana to create an inclusive space welcoming all people including those from LGBTQIA+ community. 

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Over 9 years of industry experience.

10,000 + hours at the bench 

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Get understanding of each step of the jewellery making process. Get updates of how the pieces is made from beginning to end.   

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Winner of the Gallery ready award 2013

Winner of apprentice of the year 2016

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