Bespoke commissions

One of the best parts of my job is creating one of a kind pieces with my customers.

Working one on one with clients to create something unique and special just for them.


Whether is is an engagement ring, a wedding band or repurposing a family heirloom to create something new and special while still honouring the previous pieces story.

It is a privilege to work so closely with a client on a piece they will have for the rest of their lives.


Up-cycling preloved pieces into something new can be a sustainable and economic way of making one of a kind pieces of jewellery. I love taking heirloom pieces and giving them new life. One of my specialties is repurposing gem stones by cutting them out of old pieces, cleaning them and setting them into new handmade pieces that we’ve designed together.

Some karats of golds can be up-cycled by melting them down and repurposing the metal to make something new and fresh. In the instance that this is not possible, refining or off setting the price of your commission by cashing in your metal for scrap can also be an economic and environmentally sound option.


When designing your bespoke pieces of jewellery, the more you can share with me about yourself and what you are looking for the better.

Have a Look through my website and Instagram for some inspiration. Any piece you see can be recreated or adjusted to suit you. Don’t like yellow gold? let’s make it in white gold instead. Want a green sapphire instead of a diamond? Not a problem.

Don’t see the piece you want on my socials? Thats okay too, we can work one on one to create something unique and special just for you.


After I’ve received your enquiry, I like to meet with you in person so we can perfect the design, get your ring sizes and so you can show me any pieces you might want to repurpose. We can look at stones and you can get a more intimate understanding of the creative process involved.

We can arrange a suitable time for you to visit my workshop which is located in the Century building in the Melbourne CBD. I love spending some time getting to know you, gathering a better understanding of what you are looking for in your precious piece.

If you aren’t able to visit my Melbourne city studio that is not a problem as I work with many clients online via email and Zoom.

Quotes, metal & details

Once we have confirmed your design I can work on a quote that works for you budget. I am happy to quote you on a range of different karats of metal depending on your preference and budget.

Each piece of bespoke jewellery varies in price but here are the starting price points to give you a rough idea of pricing.

Sterling Silver -$350+

9k Gold - $1000 - 2000+

18k Gold - $2000 - 5000+

Precious stones can be an additional cost and are priced depending on variety, carat and colour.

To begin the manufacturing process I take a 30% deposit to begin the crafting process. Once I have completed creating your one of a kind piece I will be in contact to finalise the collection or delivery of your precious piece as well as the final payment.


Have a draw full of old jewellery you don’t wear? Wedding band doesn’t fit anymore?


I have all of your jewellery repair needs covered. As a qualified jewellery manufacturer, I have all the necessary skills, knowledge and tools to repair your jewellery and give new life to all of your well loved pieces.


Repair services include:


• Ring Resizing

• Polishing and cleaning

• Chain repair

• Stone replacement

• Claw re-tipping

• Rhodium and gold plating services

• Valuations

• Remodelling

If you have any repairs, head to the enquires page for a free quote.

Please include images and a detailed explanation of your repair/s.


Ring sizing

Ring sizes are in millimetres and accuracy is paramount. I recommend to all my clients that we get it right from the beginning to avoid resizing or miss fitting rings.

To get the best possible fit head to my enquires page to make an appointment with me to get sized in my Melbourne CBD studio. If you don’t live in Melbourne or are unable to make it to the studio, the next best thing is to head to your local jewellery store and politely ask them to professionally size you. If neither of these options are available, I can gladly send a ring sizer to you in the mail( for confirmed orders only).

Please avoid using any online tips or tricks from the internet as they are often not accurate enough and the slightest of millimetres can make a big difference.

Here is a link to a site that is great for converting your ring size if the letter or number you are given doesn’t match up.