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When designing your bespoke pieces, the more you can share with me about yourself and what you are looking for the better.

I like to meet with you in person to get a sense of what you are looking for. I want to work with you to create the perfect piece. 

Have a Look through my website and Instagram for some inspiration. Any piece you see can be recreated or adjusted to suit you.


Up - Cycling 

Up-cycling preloved pieces into something new can be a sustainable and economic way of making one of a kind pieces of jewellery. I love taking heirloom pieces and giving them new life.

One of my specialties is repurposing gem stones by removing them from the original setting, cleaning the metal and setting them into new handmade pieces that we’ve designed together.

Some karats of golds can be up-cycled by melting them down and repurposing the metal to make something new and fresh.

In the instance that this is not possible, refining or off setting the price of your commission by cashing in your metal for scrap can also be an economic and environmentally sound option.

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